Phone Line Connections

Techfam do MDF jumpering / repairs and telephone line cabling to connect your phone / ADSL service in multi-dwelling complexes (i.e. apartment, unit or office building). If you have just moved in to an apartment, unit or office building and your Service Provider says that your phone / ADSL is connected but it’s still not working then Techfam are the people to call.

When you get a new phone / ADSL service connected in a multi-dwelling complex, your Service Provider only connects your new service through to the MDF (Main Distribution Frame). This is where all the in-coming lines from the street stop at your building. Phone lines will be running from the MDF to each apartment / unit or office but they may not be connected together. Connecting the two together is called MDF jumpering or A to B side jumpering.

MDF Jumpering – $90

Our MDF technicians are very experienced with Main Distribution Frames (MDFs) and we regularly do MDF jumpering (or A to B side jumpering) to connect new phone / ADSL services. We charge a fixed fee of just $90 for this service for new phone / ADSL service connections, with appointments normally available within 24 hours. Early morning, evening and Saturday appointments are also available upon request to suit your busy schedule for a fixed fee of $120 and we will even do an MDF jumpering for you on a Sunday for $150.

MDF Repairs & Upgrades

As ACMA registered cablers and MDF technicians, Aussie Cabling can install, repair and upgrade any type of MDF (Main Distribution Frame) or IDF (Intermediary Distribution Frame).