NBN Lead-In Conduit

Techfam are specialist ACMA registered cablers and we are the people to contact if you are in an NBN Fibre-To-The-Premises area in Canberra and you are having issues having your NBN fibre installed or need an NBN lead-in conduit installed.

After signing up for an NBN plan, you are entitled to a free installation, however this usually means that the NBN Co installers will want to drill straight through your outside wall and install their internal equipment on the inside of that wall, as this is the cheapest and quickest option for them and many will refuse to do anything else. For most people this would be unsightly and completely inconvenient if you have an existing internal cabled network and want to connect the NBN in. Just remember that you do not have to agree to this and you can send them away and contact Techfam.

In most situations we can install an NBN lead-in conduit and draw string, so that when the NBN Co contractors return, they can pull through their fibre cable to the location you want their equipment installed, without any issue or conflict. Each job is unique, so we conduct a free site visit to determine whether we can install a conduit for you and how much it would cost. We can also advise on whether an NBN enclosure could also be installed to house your NBN internal equipment to make everything neat and tidy, and to act as a hub for any future network cabling you might chose to install.