Home Wireless Networks

Techfam can assist in the setup of a wireless network in your home in Canberra. Setting up a wireless network is relatively simple. It is ‘relatively’ simple because the configuration of devices has become a lot more user friendly but the location of devices and understanding of the technology to know what devices you need and where to put them is a lot harder.

If you are experiencing problems, we have provided some information below to help you to set up a basic wireless network and a additional page to help you fault-find wireless network problems. If you require any further assistance, Techfam is only a phone call away.

Connecting your WiFi modem / router

Connect the ADSL port of the router to your phone socket
Connect your PC or Laptop to the one of the Ethernet / Network / LAN ports on your router
Make sure both the router and your PC or Laptop are turned on & wait for approximately 1 minute

Login to the router

Turn the router over and locate the Router IP address that should be written on the underside
Also locate the Username and Password for the router which should also be written on the underside
Type the Router IP address into the Address Bar of your Internet Browser (i.e Internet Explorer or Firefox)
When asked, enter the Router Username and Router Password

Connect to the Internet

Most devices will have a setup wizard – just start this wizard
Some devices this wizard will start automatically when you log in and others you will have to select it
When asked – enter the username and password that your Internet Service Provider gave to you
That should be all you need to do

Configure wireless security

Some devices will have default security information configured and this will be written on the underside
If your device doesn’t then you will need to enter it yourself
There is three important pieces of information for you to configure and remember
The SSID, Security type & configuration, and the Pre-Shared Key
The SSID is the name of your wireless network and this can be whatever you want it to be
The Security type should be WPA or WPA2 – with TKIP or AES
The Pre-Shared Key (PSK Key) is the password which will allow you to connect your devices
Save / Apply your settings – You should now be ready to connect your devices

Connect your devices

Every device is going to be different but you should be able access it’s wireless settings to connect
It will show you a list of all the available networks that it can detect
You need to select the SSID of your router
It will then automatically detect the security type & configuration
It will ask you for the Pre-Shared Key, or Passphrase, or Password
Enter the Pre-Shared Key and you are finished
Repeat this procedure for each device you want to connect